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Osler is committed to maintaining lifelong, career-spanning relationships with its alumni, and this site is where we, and you, can make that  happen.

Whether you hope to maintain personal relationships with long-time friends and colleagues, read what we are thinking or what we think is  great, make new professional connections, search job opportunities or simply stay up to date with everything Osler and its alumni are doing,  Osler Alumni—available exclusively to firm alumni and staff—provides the connections and resources you need.

Our alumni number over 1100  and counting, and we hope every one of you will take the time to stay in touch and visit regularly.

We are asking you to register in order to participate in the Osler Alumni activities described above. We will not use your registration information for any purpose except providing access to this portal and, if you choose to do so, to add your name to our Directory, so that members of the firm or other Alumni may contact you. Your registration information will be used to verify your access to our Buzz Feed feature, Career Centre, and Directory. Use of any or all of these features is by your choice only, and we welcome your participation! You will understand that, as with any inter-active forum, it will be necessary to comply with our terms of use, which you will find here.

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