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Ongoing shifts in the legal profession are generating innovative thinking and insights that will affect organizations and people for years to come. Think Tank is a carefully curated selection of articles showcasing thought leadership in this arena from around the world.  We invite you to share these discussion-provoking articles with your own teams, and share articles with us that you think your alumni friends and Osler colleagues will enjoy.  Some of you may fondly remember “Purdy’s Picks” – articles of interest that Purdy curates himself which we also share here, along with some of Osler’s latest thinking.

Insights Worth Sharing

How blockchains could change the world

McKinsey & Company
In this interview, Don Tapscott explains why blockchains, the technology underpinning the cryptocurrency, have the potential to revolutionize the world economy. >

Blockchain: understanding the potential

While still unpredictable, technologies around bitcoin have the potential to transform many different processes. Companies need to be discussing these developments at the board level, asking how this technology could help them and whether they should be investing in it. >

The impact of the blockchain goes beyond financial services

Harvard Business Review
”Blockchain technology is ushering in the second generation of the Internet, and if companies don’t want to get left behind, they’ll need to dodge the Innovator’s dilemma and disrupt from within.” >

Beyond bitcoin: Issues in regulating blockchain transactions

Duke University
“This resource integrates current research from leading computer scientists and cryptographers to elevate the legal community’s understanding of blockchain technology and, ultimately, to inform policymakers and practitioners as they consider different regulatory schemes.” >

Top 10 Trends Executives and General Counsel Should Follow

Lexology's perspective on the top 10 critical trends to follow in the year ahead. >

“Leadership Qualities” vs Competence: Which Matters More

Harvard Business Review
There’s sometimes a disconnect between how we talk about leadership qualities and what we actually require from the people leading teams. How can we bridge the gap? >

How To Signal That Your Company Cares About Diversity

Harvard Business Review
Here are three ways to create a more attractive and inclusive environment for employees from different backgrounds. >

How in-house counsel can best defend global class actions

Global class-action lawsuits can have a ripple effect across multiple jurisdictions. In-house counsel should strategizing from day one. >

The Role of Corporate Governance in Curbing Foreign Corrupt Business Practices

Osgoode Hall Law Journal
The role of corporate and securities laws in addressing foreign corrupt business practices has, to date, received limited consideration. Departing from the substantial literature on the criminal and public law response to international corruption, the authors analyze Canada’s Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act in comparison with British and American legislation. >

You Need An Innovation Strategy

Harvard Business Review
Why is it so hard to build and maintain the capacity to innovate? The reasons go much deeper than the commonly cited cause: a failure to execute. The problem with innovation improvement efforts is rooted in the lack of an innovation strategy. >

Osler Thought Leadership

How NAFTA, CETA, TPP could impact cross-border trade

Canadian companies that engage in cross-border business pursuits should be mindful of several trade initiatives that may have a profound impact on their business objectives. >

Looking ahead: Climate Change as a board issue

Climate change is an important area of board oversight, encompassing potential long-term physical impacts on operations, risks and opportunities, as well as the potential for rapid acceleration of change and crisis. >

Canadian public company mergers and acquisitions guide

This practical guide reviews the crucial concerns related to M&A transactions of Canadian public companies, including the fundamental changes to the take-over bid regime that came into effect on May 9, 2016. >

White paper: The board of directors’ role in crisis management

Published in collaboration with the Institute of Corporate Directors, our white paper highlights crisis management from the board’s perspective. Based on a 37-question survey completed by 400 Canadian board directors, feedback from director roundtable participants and cross-country panel discussions, the paper provides key insights on how boards can help their organization to effectively respond to a potential crisis situation, and best protect those organizations. >

Infographic: Practical insight – Representations and warranties insurance

Our new infographic offers a practical guide to the representations and warranties insurance process, providing useful insights into how to obtain the insurance and integrate it into your transaction. >

Managing Risk Today to Prevent Tomorrow’s Class Action

Preparation, a proactive response and a strong defence strategy are crucial in preventing and mitigating a class action’s impact. Managing Risk Today to Prevent Tomorrow’s Class Action outlines essential steps for navigating the modern class action environment. >

Doing Business in Canada

Successfully expanding into the Canadian market means understanding the country’s changing business and legal landscape. Our guide to Doing Business in Canada can help you do just that. >

Legal Year in Review

Osler’s Legal Year in Review provides insights on the most significant legal developments of 2014 and their implications for Canadian business in 2015 and beyond. >

Competition Law Compliance in Canada

Not having a credible compliance program can expose your business to severe penalties. >

Planning for 2015: A 2014 Canadian Proxy Season Retrospective

This updated report examines some of the trending issues that have impacted the Canadian corporate governance landscape in 2014. >