Our lawyers are among the most respected and sought out in the profession, and many of our alumni have gone on to do amazing things in a variety of fields and industries. Together, their  stories can be fascinating, informative and inspiring. Spotlights does just what it says—using video, audio and transcribed interviews, it shines a light on current Osler lawyers and talented alumni, exploring the goals that drive them and the achievements and career paths that have shaped their lives.

Jordan Ross

Jordan Ross draws on his background in law to help run a successful multi-generational real estate business >

Jennifer Lee

When opportunity knocks, Jennifer Lee always answers the call >

Fred Dionne

Fred Dionne turns a passion for technology into a prosperous legal career >

Don McGowan

As Don McGowan can attest, you never know what you're going to get. >

Stephen Sigurdson

Stephen Sigurdson let fate (and hard work) guide his career—and the strategy paid off. >

Marie Brault

Marie Brault finds her dream career at National Bank of Canada. >

Edgar Sexton

J. Edgar Sexton recounts his exciting career as a lawyer and judge >

Shaun Miller

Shaun Miller has little time to spare as Chief Counsel for Aon Canada Inc. >

Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Walker leaves a 23-year career at Osler to answer an inner calling >

Think Tank

Diversity and Inclusion: We’re not doing enough

The Royal Bank of Canada - 6 Degrees Reports
RBC and the Institute for Canada Citizenship surveyed 64 organizations that collectively employ 1.2 million Canadians about diversity and inclusion: how they define it, how they go about promoting it, and how they measure it. >

All of Us: What we mean when we talk about inclusion

Royal Bank of Canada - 6 Degrees Report
A report that takes a look at what it takes to build an inclusive society. >

Inclusion Matters

Want to build high-performing teams? Make employees feel more included at work. >

Lessons from Yelp’s Empirical Approach to Diversity

Harvard Business Review

The Day-to-Day Experiences of Workplace Inclusion and Exclusion

How do you define inclusion? Inclusion and exclusion do not occur in isolation and are not absolutes. On a day-to-day basis, employees’ experiences of inclusion and exclusion often coexist. This report explores inclusion and exclusion in more concrete terms by examining employees’ daily workplace experience. >