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Power Presentations – Techniques for Effectively Communicating your Messages

Take your presentation skills and materials to the next level by attending Parts I and II, or brush up on your skills as needed by participating in either session.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

We invite our alumni working in-house to join us for a dynamic two-part learning experience that will help bring power to your presentations and internal business communications. Presentation programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint are versatile communications tools, but sometimes misused or underutilized. Take your skills to the next level by attending Parts 1 and 2, or brush up on your skills as needed by participating in either session.

October 10 – PART I: Power Presentation Decks. This in-person workshop, led by Mila Naimark of clockwork talk,  focuses on key principles for designing strong presentation decks that highlight important issues, create impact, and drive action in a variety of settings for different kinds of audiences. This session will be offered as a workshop in our Toronto office.

October 30 – PART II: Practical Skills for Using Microsoft PowerPoint. Leveraging the skills learned in Part I, this webinar will give you the technical tools to master Microsoft PowerPoint. Do not let the technology control how your message looks, but gain the knowledge and skills to control PowerPoint to deliver your message how you want. Learn how to work with graphics, animations, shapes and master slides to bring power to your presentations. This session will be offered as a webinar.

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