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Osler By Request

Interested in organizing a program for your team? Osler provides a wide range of flexible CPD sessions designed to help our clients fulfill their professional development needs.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Osler provides a wide range of flexible CPD sessions designed to help our clients fulfill their professional development needs. We offer a number of programs tailored to your organization’s legal team through Osler By Request. Our top-tier programs help streamline the process for you to satisfy your ethics and professionalism credit requirements in a convenient and simplified format.

All of our programs can be fully customized to satisfy your specific interests and can be delivered at a time that is convenient for you. Our diverse set of informational and interactive programs, ranging from risk management and crisis response to legal project management, allows you to choose the program that best suits your needs. Osler will also work with you to develop new programs upon your request, delivered to you at your office or ours.

Check back often as new Osler By Request seminars are added regularly. Osler is an approved Accredited Provider of Professionalism Content by the Law Society of Upper Canada. For more information, or to discuss organizing a program for your team, please contact the Osler partner you deal with or Lori Gauld, Senior Manager, Learning Initiatives (

Business Leadership Series for Lawyers

Learning to Lead in Law and the Community

1.0 hr Professionalism

Learn how leadership in a legal environment translates to community work and vice versa by drawing on your own leadership experiences and style. By looking at core leadership skills — including characteristics of a good leader, creating a vision, and how to develop and apply these characteristics — this session  explores how to lead others and identifies some common leadership challenges.

Leading Change in a Changing Legal Environment

1.0 hr Professionalism

Explore how to navigate the ever-changing legal landscape by learning effective techniques for handling or managing periods of change or transition in your organization. While change may not always be easy, this session arms you with practical tools to ensure a positive experience, whether you are leading the charge or are looking to adopt new practices.

DiSC: Work Style Preferences for Lawyers

(2 hour workshop, live only, not available via webinar)

1.5 hrs Professionalism, 0.5 hr Substantive

Discover the most efficient ways to effectively communicate with others through DiSC, one of the most commonly used behavioural profile assessment tools around the world. DiSC is both a self-awareness tool, and a framework for working effectively with different behavioural styles, which can be important in the legal profession where collaboration is key. As part of this interactive session, participants will have an opportunity to complete a 10-minute online assessment and will receive a personalized report before the program.

Legal Process Improvement for In-House Counsel

0.5 hr Professionalism, 0.5 hr Substantive = 1.0 Total CPD hours

Using a process improvement lens to focus on how to define, document and optimize legal processes can help with increasing demands for efficiency across all areas of business. This interactive session introduces key process improvement concepts from LEAN and Six Sigma with an opportunity to apply these to your work environments.

Professionalism credits

Risk Management and Crisis Response

1.0 hr Professionalism

Corporations increasingly face an assortment of challenges that expose them and their officers and directors to litigation, regulatory, reputational and other risks. It often falls to the general counsel to properly identify, manage and mitigate such risks before they cascade into a crisis. These legal and ethical duties are a constant challenge, but in-house counsel need not feel alone. This session analyzes in-house counsel’s biggest regulatory concerns as gleaned from recent industry research and how comprehensive compliance programs can be built to address these concerns proactively.

Ethics in Settlement Negotiations

1.0 hr Professionalism

In-house counsel are often asked to negotiate a settlement of a complaint or claim before fees are incurred. In addition to it being good practice to establish a reputation of credibility in negotiations, as lawyers, we are held to a higher standard of ethics, especially when negotiating with non-lawyers. This session highlights the ethical tips and traps in settlement negotiations while providing some best practices.

Outlook Email Management: Tips for Practice Efficiency

1.0 hr Professionalism

This session helps lawyers identify better ways to manage their email inboxes and improve practice efficiency in Outlook to guard against the overwhelming backlog of messages that can accumulate over time. By working with you to determine which tips would be most relevant to your group, we can tailor the session to meet your needs.

Protecting Privilege

1.0 hr Professionalism

This presentation explores practical issues of privilege confronting in-house counsel in today’s business environment, including: the protection of privilege in the context of internal investigations, and how and when privilege may be maintained over documents shared with third parties such as auditors, insurers, co-defendants and parties on opposite sides of a deal.

IT Security: What Lawyers Should Know About the Technology They Use

1.0 hr Professionalism

As lawyers, we increasingly use technology to communicate and work on sensitive information using a variety of devices, which means there are opportunities for sophisticated hackers looking to exploit oversights and weaknesses. With those concerns in mind, this session explores our obligation to protect our clients’ confidentiality, whether working at the office, remotely, or from the cloud. This session also identifies the best practices we should be adopting to protect ourselves and the company we work for, and explores the types of questions we should be asking about cloud services and service providers, and what extra precautions we should be taking when crossing borders.

Ethical Dilemmas for In-House Counsel

1.0 hr Professionalism

This is an interactive scenario-based discussion of ethical issues that can arise for in-house counsel. Scenarios can be tailored to suit your industry and specific challenges of the client. This session may include topics such as conflicts, who is the client, confidentiality and duty to report. Ideally, a representative from your team will participate on the panel to fully customize the session.

Multiple Roles of In-House Counsel

1.0 hr Professionalism

As in-house counsel, you have multiple responsibilities with respect to governance, ethics, compliance and risk. In addition, you also have professional responsibilities, and securities regulators and investors look to you as a gatekeeper with the responsibility of thwarting wrong-doing. This session examines how in-house counsel can juggle these multiple roles and expectations as well as the limits to the lawyer’s role under professional codes of conduct and law. Ideally, a representative from your team will participate on the panel to fully customize the session.

Conducting Investigations: Practical, Strategic and Ethical Considerations

0.5 hrs Professionalism + 0.5 hrs Substantive = 1.0 Total CPD hrs.

Internal corporate investigations have become an increasingly important responsibility for corporations and their internal counsel in light of greater regulatory scrutiny and the growth of both governmental and private enforcement. In this session, we discuss some of the key issues relevant to conducting effective internal investigations, including: when to conduct an investigation, how to establish the investigation’s scope and parameters, whether to advise Boards of Directors, engage outside auditors and counsel, and alert law enforcement, and what should be done once the investigation has been completed.

What Internal Legal Counsel Should Know About Multi-Jurisdictional Antitrust Investigations

0.75 hr Professionalism + 0.25 hr Substantive = 1.0 Total CPD hrs.

Compliance with today’s competition laws has become a critical focus for businesses. This presentation explores tactical and ethical issues that often arise in antitrust investigations, and best practices for managing critical situations and antitrust risk. Our panel examines: key components of a global response strategy, ethical perspectives on corporate internal investigations, document production and privilege issues in a multi-jurisdictional context, and best practices for minimizing antitrust risk.

Legal Project Management 101: The Essentials

1.0 hr Professionalism

This session is an interactive introduction to the principles, terminology and concepts of project management as applied to legal matters. Practical scenarios relating to working with the business on legal matters and managing external counsel will be examined. Ideally, a representative from your team will participate on the panel to fully customize the session.

Legal Project Management 201: Putting it Into Practice

1.0 hr Professionalism

This is an interactive session that engages participants in a discussion of a variety of scenarios in legal project management such as scoping work, communication issues between in-house counsel and outside counsel, internal communication issues, and managing expectations of the business.  Ideally, a representative from your team will participate on the panel to ensure a fully customized session.

Substantive credits

Here is a sample of our current substantive credit program offerings.  Other ideas?  Contact us at and we will work with you to develop other topics for your team.

  • Best Practices for Interactions with Competitors
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Cooperating with the Regulators
  • Corporate Governance and Data Security
  • Corporate Governance Practices
  • Critical Elements for a Successful Global Investment Strategy: Managing Complex Political and Legal Landscapes and Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Cross-Border Lending
  • Directors’ Duties and Liabilities
  • Doing Business in the U.S.
  • Due Diligence and Compliance
  • Executive Compensation
  • High-Yield Debt Financing
  • Implications of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers Program
  • Investing in an Ethical Corporate Culture as an Imperative: Anti-Corruption
  • Procedural Pre-Nup: Drafting Arbitration Clauses That Protect Your Business Interests
  • Shareholder Activism
  • Tips for In House Counsel on Navigating Compliance Challenges
  • Tricks and Traps of Boilerplate Provisions
  • U.S. Private Placements

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