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Your Alumni Committee

We are grateful to the members of our alumni steering committee for their input and ongoing support:


Christopher Sanz
Director – Legal, The Supreme Cannabis Company

Susan Pare
General Counsel, Chemtrade Logistics

Irene Christie
Senior Counsel, IBM

Katy Waugh
Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

Ward Sellers
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Sherritt International Corporation

David Vernon
Vice President, Legal & Corporate Secretary
Kingsett Capital

Jennifer Lee
Vice President, Risk Management
TD Bank

David Forrest
Director, Legal
Canada Goose Inc.



Shelley Obal
Partner, Research (Committee Chair)

Terry Burgoyne
Partner, Corporate

Janette Canvin
Chief Professional Resources Officer, Legal Talent

Alex Cobb
Partner, Litigation

Mark DesLauriers
Partner, Corporate

Amanda Heale
Partner, Tax

Tamara Prince
Partner, Litigation

George Valentini
Counsel, Real Estate

Donna White
Partner, Intellectual Property

Éric Préfontaine
Partner, Litigation